This website is designed for health professional and others working in higher education in the health sector. Navigation is by using the left hand pane to move between the different pages and content. To view the films you will need to register first. The website consists of a series of film clips in 2 sections 1) themes – there are 8 themes that arose out of our original research work 2) guidelines – this is divided into 8 sections each dealing with a different practical aspect of providing care, generally focused for health care settings e.g. hospitals and clinics. Users may choose to start viewing the themes or the guidelines, necessarily this is some overlap.

The website and resources can be used by an individual learner, but can be used to facilitate small group teaching. We will be providing additional resources to help facilitators organise teaching sessions over the next few months.

There are downloadable resources – guidelines, leaflets and powerpoint slides available here. Our guidelines are also available in several other languages including Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Romanian. If you can offer an additional language translation please let us know! There are pages for clinical practice points and advice for families and friends, as well as links to other organisations both on our guidelines page, but also specifically for families here. There are also stories written by parents. We will expand resources to support families over the next few months.

We are keen to receive feedback on ways in which we can develop and improve our content – please contact us here.