About the project

Most women who have a multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets or more) do not have complications, but sadly, every day in the UK at least one baby from a multiple pregnancy dies. We wanted to start to understand what it felt like to be a parent who has had to face such a difficult challenge and conducted a research project. We spoke to parents who had lost at least one baby, and had a least one surviving baby from a multiple pregnancy, and we spoke to midwives, doctors and nurses to hear about their experiences.

This is an educational website and has been developed to help healthcare staff understand what it feels like to be a parent, and includes short film clips for the key themes, along with other stories and resources. The aim is to improve and share understanding of this challenging situation. Many will feel upset or saddened by listening to these stories, so you might want to think carefully where, when and how you will watch, and perhaps have some support to hand. We use the terms ‘death’ and ‘died’ rather than other words (such as ‘passed’) and apologise for anyone who is upset by these words. We are indebted to all the families who have helped us. Please respect them and their stories.

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