This is an educational website and has been developed to help healthcare staff understand what it feels like to be a parent, and includes short film clips for the key themes, along with other stories and resources. The aim is to improve and share understanding of this challenging situation.

Many will feel upset or saddened by listening to these stories, so you might want to think carefully where, when and how you will watch, and perhaps have some support to hand. We use the terms ‘death’ and ‘died’ rather than other words (such as ‘passed’) and apologise for anyone who is upset by these words. We are indebted to all the families who have helped us. Please respect them and their stories.

The website and resources can be used by an individual learner, but can be used to facilitate small group teaching. This website is designed for health professional and others working in higher education in the health sector.

Explore our videos

Our video section consists of a series of film clips in 2 sections.

  1. Parent Experiences - intro sentence about these videos
  2. Guidelines - this is divided into 8 sections each dealing with a different practical aspect of providing care, generally focused for health care settings e.g. hospitals and clinics.

Explore our resources

We have produced a collection downloadable resources including guidelines, teaching presentations and leaflets for parents.

You can also find clinical practice points, advice for families and friends, and links to other organisations who provide support.