Loss of a Baby in Multiple Pregnancy: Supporting Grieving Parents

We have produced a 4-hour eLearning course aimed at health care professionals but may also be of interest to families and friends.

This course can be accessed for free by NHS and affiliated staff. Non-NHS staff can access the course for free for a 2-week period, or longer by paying a small upgrade fee.

We have a range of resources to support our video content

Guideline downloads & links

Our guidelines have also been translated into several other languages including Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Japanese and Romanian. If you can offer an additional language translation please let us know!

Clinical practice points 

More like an aide-memoire rather than a checklist - if you have suggestions for additions please let us know.

Families & friends - what to say or do that might help

We know that many family members and friends struggle to know what to say or do. We have provided some suggestions and ideas but if you have ideas you want to share please get in contact with us.

Family & friends - websites and support groups

There are many support groups, websites and other resources available on the internet that may help parents, families and friends. We’ve created a list, but there may be many more.

If you would like Butterfly cot cards for use in hospitals please contact the Skye High Foundation.

If you have suffered a bereavement in a multiple pregnancy, please contact Footprints Baby Loss charity.