6. Providing parents with continuity of information

Parents who have lost a twin remain anxious about the health of their surviving twin, and value consistency in hospital and clinic settings. This includes consistency of the facts, and the explanations, and is particularly important when moving from one hospital to another, or following discharge. When a change to the care plan is required, explain this carefully. Parents are unlikely to retain all the information they are given when traumatised or upset, so may require multiple discussions or use of written information. Do not dismiss parents’ concerns even if you think they are not valid. Take time to listen and provide consistent information.

  • Written information and/or encouraging parents to make their own notes may help.
  • Parents often know their baby best: do not dismiss their concerns but listen carefully, and give appropriate and consistent explanation.

He shook his shoulders like it didn’t matter. Like your baby didn’t matter.

The difference between a good doctor and a bad doctor… is empathy.