7. Continuity of staffing and trust

Hospital staff are often busy. Whilst doctors and nurses cannot function as counsellors or psychologists, they should be aware of the enormous support they provide to parents. If you are unable to help, or don’t know what to do, offer to find someone else who can help. Staff may worry about ‘saying the wrong thing’ but most parents’ value being given the opportunity to talk. Although it may feel uncomfortable for staff to broach this painful subject, it may help to offer to discuss the twin loss and ask parents if they do or don’t want to talk at that time.

  • Learn what support is available locally, and explain how to access it
  • Offer parents opportunities to talk about their loss
  • Explain about staff handovers and shift patterns

If one consultant said they would something, then the other consultant would take over and completely change it.

We as professionals can help parents to not worry unnecessarily and to know what do when they see things that are different.