Guidelines: 2. Recognise twin status

  • Most parents value continued acknowledgement that a surviving baby is a twin (or triplet/multiple)
  • Establish whether or not the parents want their surviving baby to be referred to as a twin
  • Find out the name of the baby who died by looking in notes or asking other staff
  • Ask parents if they want to use the baby's name
  • Use a Butterfly cot card or other symbol and ask parents if they want to write the name
  • Some religious/cultural groups may prefer use of a star, heart or non-animate symbol
  • Record parents wishes in the notes
  • Share information at staff handover.

We should never presume what families want, and what they think.

It makes it easier to talk to the family about the baby they have lost if we have its name.

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  • Hi
    I wonder if you had alert stickers to place in the front of the health Care record denoting the death of one twin in utero. thus acknowledging the loss with the consent of the parents. the cot cards we can use postnatal

    Kind regards

    Margaret Ryan
    CMS Bereavement and Loss
    St. Luke’s Hospital

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